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Did you ever wonder what ghee is and why you should use it in your kitchen on a daily basis or even make your own? Stay with me here, read it and you don’t want to live without it any more.

So first things first, what is ghee? Ghee is a clarified type of butter and it is a good alternative to cooking oil. It is often used in the ayurvedic, indian and far eastern kitchen. Ghee is the butterfat which is left over after the water and milk solids have separated from the butter. The absence of milk solids makes it easy to cook on high temperature, due to the higher smoke point of ghee versus other cooking oils. The process of splitting the water and milk solids form the butterfat makes ghee even dairy free.

Ghee is hindi and translated means „fat“. But there is nothing to worry about it, because it is the good kind of fat. It is the magical ingredient for your health. It not only makes your dishes super tasteful it also has a lot of health benefits. Some of the most impressive benefits are the following: ghee strengthens your immune system, reduces inflammation in the joints, eliminates certain allergy concerns, protects you from various chronic diseases, improves your eye sight, balances your cholesterol and it has the ability to protect your gastrointestinal system. On top of that ghee is a natural energy booster. As the wide range of fats that ghee consists of include medium-chain fatty acids, which are very useful for the body to be processed by the liver and be burnt as energy. It is not passing into adipose tissue or contributing to weight gain. So, if you are an athlete or a very active person with a high energy lifestyle, then you should bring ghee definitely into your kitchen. It provides you with the necessary natural burst of energy that you need to get through your day.

Do you want to learn how to make your own ghee? click here! You can also buy ghee in various health shops. Just make sure you go for the organic ghee.

Have fun playing around with this liquid gold!



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