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Hi guys!

For all who know me, they know, I LOVE to travel and explore the word. Especially in combination with yoga and surfing. As this involves taking the plane to get to your next destination I get often asked if and what I eat on the plane and what I do in order to keep my stomach happy. So, let’s look at this more in detail.

So, first of all, I do not eat the airplane food. Even though you get vegan options nowadays with most of the airlines, which is great, I rather do not eat those dishes. They do not make me feel good so I prefer to avoid them. As it is normal to get hungry, I always bring my own food. This does require a little bit of planning and preparing but it’s actually quite easy. Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Eating the right thing before and on the plane is not the only key to success. When we travel our bowels often rebel, becoming sluggish and constipated, that is just a simple fact and a result of the high altitude. Besides that, as we fly, the element of air gets enhanced in our bodies and that increases the vata dosha, which makes us constipated and bloated. All of this can be avoided and with some simple tricks and you can keep yourself in pretty good condition during your travels.

Let me walk you through my travel kit to stay healthy and happy on board.

BEFORE I leave

Body oil

Vata dosha needs routine, warmth and grounding. Oils are a fantastic grounding tool. So, I treat myself with some abhyanga with sesame oil the night before I leave and in the morning of the journey.

Food preparation

As I am preparing my own food, I always bring something which is grounding, moist and with the healthy sort of fats. Remember? Vata dosha makes us fly high, so we need some grounding. Something like cooked cinnamon apples, steamed veggies, greens, hot soups, rice.

As good as possible I try to avoid raw food, dried fruits and fried foods.

Get moving

Whenever possible I try to squeeze in a yoga session or a work out before I head out, just to get everything moving.

My own water bottle

I always bring my own bottle to sip my own tea or warm water during the flight. Along with the bottle I bring a couple of herbal tea bags, like ginger tea, CCF tea (cumin, coriand, fennel),tulsi tea, cinnamon tea or mint tea. They all strengthen the agni (digestive fire), improve the circulation and relax the mind. And besides that, by bringing your own thermos bottle along you can avoid buying PET bottles 😉


I take a probiotic pill in the morning. I bring a ginger root pill with me, to support the agni and some magnesium, which I will take during the flight. Magnesium helps to calm the nerves, i.e. it keeps the vata dosha in check. It is also a muscle relaxant, which helps to relax the intestinal muscles and helps to have the bowel movements going.

DURING the flight

Tons of water

I usually drink a lot of water on the plane. More than usual. I completely avoid coffee, caffeinated tea, alcohol, soda and cold drinks in general. As caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and carbonation are dehydrating and they aggravate the vata dosha. (Which is anyway high flying already 😉 )


When I am hungry I eat my home made food and eventually some snacks like soaked nuts or similar.


Triphala is an ayurvedic herbal remedy. It regulates the bowel, preventing constipation and calming jet lag. I usually take a little bit of the powder with me on the plane. After my meal, I add 0,5 teaspoon o fit into a cup of warm water.

Get moving and stretch

If I am on a long-distance flight, I try to get up every hour. Just to move around a bit and to stretch.

Here comes the oil again

I bring a small bottle of sesame oil with me for my body and some facial oil. The facial oil, I obviously use for my face. The body oil I put from time to time on my arms, stomach and on the crown of my head. I know, putting oil in your hair, right?!? But you anyway will wash your hair after your travels J

Save travels! Love, Céline


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