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“Ayurveda is about the delicate harmony of our mind, body and spirit, and tuning into the natural ebb and flow of nature and our own true nature.” – Jasmine Hemsley

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen to the stillness. Its winter, baby! It has been here for a couple of weeks now and will stay with us for a couple of more weeks. It is dark, cold and wet. But it is also romantic, cozy and calm. It is the perfect time to tune in and take care of yourself. First, I will tell you about my morning routine, then some well-being tips for this winter time and about the best food during this cold and dark times and then we tune in into some detox tips. So, stay with me!

Morning Routine

Set the tone for your day with your morning routine. Especially in winter, when it can be difficult to get out of bed, it
is important to have a set routine, which makes it easier for you. Dinacharya is the Ayurvedic daily routine. It
corresponds to a series of self-care rituals to be performed at specific times of the day. It provides us with a ready-made structure as well as support. Let me walk you through my morningdinacharya:


  • Get up before sunrise – In winter this is pretty easy as the suns get up so late. But I anyway try to get up before 06.00. As the body is still in the Vata time zone until 06.00 am, which makes it easier for the body to get up. You will feel more energized and refreshed.
  • Mouth cleansing – right after getting up I tongue scrape and brush my teeth.
  • Inner shower for the body – I drink 2 to 4 glasses of warm water. It is like an inner body shower and the digestive tract gets activated.
  • Neti Pot – I use a Jala Neti Pot to cleanse my nostrils and get rid of the mucus which was build up during the
  • Body cleanse – Before I take a shower I do a quick body brush all over my body using a natural brush. It boosts the blood circulation, the lymphatic system and soothes the skin before I take a shower. During showering I pull some sesame oil in my mouth to get rid of Ama, the build-up toxins and bacteria the body has released during sleep.
  • Hydrate the skin – I usually use some sort of body oil. Now, during winter I reach for sesame oil or sea buckthorn oil. When its warmer I go with coconut oil or jojoba oil.
  • Meditation/gentle stretches – When all of the above its done, I take some time to sit, breath, listen and be. I usually mediate between 10 and 30 minutes in the morning followed by some gentle stretches end bends.
  • Breakfast time – Now, I am ready for breakfast if I am not intermitting fasting. If I do eat breakfast it is something warm, like a cinnamon flavored oat porridge.

This is it! This is my very own and personal morning routine. It is by far not complete or perfect, but it makes it easier for me to get up and start a fresh, new, happy and energized day.

Enjoy your mornings and let me know how it goes with your routine.






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