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Welcome to BE YOU WORLD, your destination for good health, food, ayurveda and yoga.
Let me briefly introduce myself. I am a certified holistic ayurvedic dietitian and life coach and a certified yoga teacher. Born and raised in Switzerland, I decided to continue my journey in Norway in 2015. My interest in health, food, body and mind started some years ago, when I realized that it really matters what you put into your stomach to be healthy and energized, that it really matters that you take good care of your inner and outer self. Good health comes from inside out.

The first time I got to know ayurveda was some years ago in india, when I stayed a couple of days in an ashram in the south of incredible India. Back then the ayurvedic life philosophy touched my heart, soul and body and has stayed with me ever since. In 2014 I decided to deepen my knowledge and became a certified holistic ayurvedic nutritionist and life coach in 2016.

My yoga journey started shortly after my first yoga classes when I started to feel that yoga is not only an exercise of the different asanas, but goes way beyond that. The silence of the mind, the sense of being grounded while at the same time, flowing. The healing power of each movement leads you through everything. Focus and breath.

In summer 2015 I completed my 200 hours yoga teacher training at the laughing lotus studio in New York. I enjoy to flow and explore creative movements on the mat and love to share my passions with you.


Holistic ayurvedic life coach and nutritionist
Europäische Akademie für Ayurveda

200 RYT Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
Laughing Lotus New York

30 RYT Teacher’s Upgrade Training with Adam Husler
Adam Husler


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